Monthly Archives: December 2006

New software xaScript

OZ Software has just release xaScript. xaScript is a powerful scripting language which opens a lot of new possibilities to all the xHarbours developers. xaScript let’s you create standard xHarbourr source code that can be evaluated in run-time without the need of xHarbour itself or any linker. Includes:

  • Lifetime upgrades
  • English and Spanish documentation
  • Un year of technical support through a public news forum.

xaScript can be used from any xHarbour application, being not necessary the use of Xailer with it.

The price of xaScript is 100 €.

For further information and buy consult at

You can download a demo version from the following link

Datacontrols: Errors management

Traditionally on xBase the Database control management was done in advance, that is to say, you just control that no run-time error would be generated and for that job you used the RLock(), FLock() or NetErr() functions. RLock() and FLock() are functions that permit to perform updates on the DBF table when is opened in shared mode and NetErr() function basically permits to check if a USE or APPEND BLANK operation has been made correctly. Logically with Xailer you can still use this same scheme.

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