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What’s New in Xailer 5 (VI)

Dear Xailer use,

Today I present another more control created by me for Xailer 5, that is the control TSwitch. It is a control whose functionality is identical to a ‘checkbox’ but visually is much more suitable, especially for use in tablets for its ability to set the size you want.

Xailer Switch

Xailer Switch

like the TEditMod control that I showed in my last article, TSwitch is a control that is painted absolutely vectorially with antialiasing techniques to decrease the sawtooth effect in their curves. You can also set the base color of the control, by default will use the one that is configured in Windows theme (Windows Vista or above).

I hope you like it!. Xailer 5 is coming really soon. Stay tuned!


What’s New in Xailer 5 (V)

Dear Xailer user,

In this new article I want to introduce you to the new controls I have made to improve editing from Xailer and adapt them to Windows 10 and their use with tablets. The original control of Windows suffers from several problems, which are:

  • Impossibility to center your text vertically in its container frame, which forced to change the font according to the height of the control to adapt it more or less.
  • Impossibility to change the ‘password’ style after the control is created.
  • Impossibility to completely change its frame

Also, in Windows 10 we can see how there are new features in some editing controls, such as:

  • A help text when control is empty
  • An image of a magnifying glass to trigger a search
  • An image to erase the contents of the control (very useful with tablets)
  • An image to display the contents of a password-type edit control

All of these new features have been incorporated into two new controls: TEditMod and TMemoMod, which of course have their equivalents as DataControls: TDbEditMod and TDbMemoMod. I leave you an image of them:

TEdiMod y TMemoMod

TEdiMod y TMemoMod

The painting of the different images that the control shows is completely vectorial using techniques of ‘antialiasing’ that incorporates GDI +.

I hope you like these new control. See you soon!


Ignacio Ortiz de Zúñiga
Xailer team