Monthly Archives: March 2011

Xailer 2.3

Dear Xailer users,

We are proud to announce Xailer 2.3 with a lot of new features, for example:

  • CVS and Subversion support
  • Xailer Portable
  • Complete support of ‘Calltips’: Including nested calltips, parameters matching and complete function information leaving the cursor 1.5 seconds over the function name

    As we mentioned on previous posts on this same blog, during only one week and from today there will be an introductory offer of Xailer Portable for a reduced price of 75 euros.

    We will like to remember, as it happened with Xailer 2.2 is that version 2.3 requires a a new registration because there is a change on the activation key. This register process can only be done on active machines with active subscriptions.

    You can check until which version of Xailer you can upgrade from the IDE menu option Help->Registry information.

    To simplify the process for all those people that can not reach our registry web system, we will send by Email the new registry values for all the active machines on active subscriptions.

    Do not try to upgrade to this new version until you are completely sure you are allowed to do it.

    Best regards,

    [Xailer team]