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Important news in Xailer Professional

After having turned our base version of Xailer into a completely free product and having been a complete success due to its great reception. Now it’s time to promote the professional version to make it much more interesting.

From the publication of this article, Xailer Professional receives two important news:

  • The inclusion of many controls that until now were only present in the ‘Enterprise’ version, such as:
    • Native access to MySQL, MariaDB and SQLite database servers.
    • Access to WIA scanner.
    • Access to the image editor.
  • A very important reduction in its price, which goes from € 395 to € 245

And also as a launch offer for this new version. We offer Xailer Professional at an upgrade price, that is, € 145 until June 30, 2021.

No more excuses not to start using SQL databases and definitely abandon DBF files. Furthermore, Xailer’s DataControls, included in the professional version, make the process very easy and intuitive. It is never too late to make the change.

You can place your order directly from this link:

Comparison of the different versions of Xailer

Xailer Personal Professional Enterprise
Classes & functions libraries for Windows
Integrated development environment
Complete documentation in English
No preferential technical support
Technical support through private forums
One year technical support and Xailer upgrades
Runtime library source code, except few internal components
Datasets components to access different database formats, DBF, ADS and SQL
WIA scanner support
Image editor
ActiveX support
MySQL & MariaDB native support
MySQlite native support
MySQlite encription support
Multithread Internet download support
Multithread support
Native Web browser control based on Webkit
Native Web browser control based on Microsoft Edge
Access to external databases trough WEB
Windows 10 stylish controls
Advanced control animation