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Xailer Personal: Completely free!

Dear Xailer and Xbase users in general,

Taking advantage of these Christmas dates, we have decided to offer our personal version of Xailer completely free and for an unlimited time. We remind you that this version is fully functional and includes everything you need to make robust management applications using any existing RDD. All the power of Xailer’s IDE, such as its fast debugger, intellisense support and its ease in creating executables, are available to the programmer.

We hope this offer is well received and encourages many users of [x] Harbor, Clipper and Visual FoxPro to try our integrated development environment for xBase. We are sure they will not disappoint. We thank you in advance that you can share this news.

Best regards and Merry Christmas!

Xailer 6.1.0 publication

Today we publish a new version of Xailer, the version 6.1.0

In this new version we have updated the tool to the latest versions of all the external tools we use, such as compilers, code editors or databases. Xailer has adapted to the latest versions of:

  • Harbour
  • MinGW
  • SQLite
  • Scintilla
  • MariaDB

And great improvements have been added, such as:

  • Event support in ActiveX controls.
  • Full support of stored procedures for MariaDB and MySQL. It includes the creation of classes that automatically incorporate all existing stored procedures in a database catalog.
  • New control TGroupboxMod which is the classic TGroupbox control but vitaminized.
  • Incredible improvements in the TRICHEdit control that now includes multiple import and export formats if you need to have Microsoft Office installed. In addition to supporting transparency.
  • New opacity property in a large number of controls. There is no longer just the possibility of putting transparency yes or no. With Xailer 6 it is possible to set an opacity level by percentage.
  • New method ToExcel () that allows to send from any TBrowse type control, its content to Excel (Excel must be installed).

For a complete list of all the improvements you can consult the following link:

The new version of Xailer and Harbor can be found in the following links:

This new version of Xailer starts directly from version 6.1 because version 6.0 has only been available for beta-testers and for a considerable time. Possibly, this new version of Xailer is the one that has been most tested before its final publication due to the update made in all the tools on which our product is based. We hope that the possible errors that can be found are minimal. And in any case they will be corrected quickly.

You need to completely rebuild all your projects, including any static or dynamic library that you are using.

Best regards,
[Xailer team]

Xailer 5.1.0 publication

Dear Xailer users,

Today we publish a new update of Xailer, the version 5.1.0 that corrects all the errors found until now and and is prepared internally for the imminent jump to Xailer 6 that will incorporate the latest version of Harbour, MinGW, SQLite, MySQL, MariaDB and Scintilla. Further information at:

Best regards,
[Xailer team]

Black friday discounts

Dear Xailer users

For the next four days due Black Friday and Cyber Monday we are offering a 25 % discount in all our products. Is a great opportunity to acquire Xailer 5 Enterprise version. this offer is not available with other offers. We hope you like it.

Best regards,
[Xailer team]

Imminent launch of Xailer 5

Dear Xailer user,

This article is only to confirm that Xailer 5 will be officially published the next day July 13. The date is irremovable and we promise not to delay it for another day.

We are aware that we arrived very late and that even in the last days we discussed in the forum that we would leave this week. Unfortunately it will not be possible and we apologize.

We are very grateful for your patience and again we confirm that the date of July 13 is unchangeable.

Best regards,

Ignacio Ortiz de Zúñiga
[Xailer team]

What’s new in Xailer 5 (IX)

Good Morning,

And another control! And surely more than one has missed. And it’s the ability to sign PDF documents with a digital certificate. Xailer 5 comes with a new component named TPdfSignTool that allows you to perform this task very simply, basically just indicate the source file, the destination file, the certificate file and its key. That is all.

However, the class allows to establish exactly where we want to visually locate the certificate or certificates and also allows the date and time of the signature to be stamped by a time stamp authority.

And there are still more ….

See you soon!

Ignacio Ortiz de Zúñiga
Xailer team