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Xailer 3.0 beta

Dear Xailer user,

We have the pleasure to announce the preliminary version of Xailer with MinGW 4.7.1 and Harbour 3.2.0dev (Rev. 18738) support. As many of you already know this version comes with important changes like:

  • Support of the Open source compiler MinGW
  • Support of the latest version of Harbour
  • Abandonment of the xHarbour xBase compilar

We decided to continue giving support to BCC on this new version and further because we could fix the linking error we had with BCC on Windows 8 64.

The change from xHarbour+BCC to Harbour+MinGW has been a authentic marathon that has lasted over a year and has been a great effort on all the Xailer team, but it was absolutely necessary to provide continuity to Xailer. Now, the pillars of Xailer have become widely reinforced with this new two compilers, at the C and xBase level, that highly outweigh the previous compilers.

In short, this is a complete change in Xailer’s engine, that is not readily apparent, but actually it generates robust and faster applications, with new features such as the multi-tasking and the possibility to scale to the 64-bit when necessary.

We know that in times of crisis in which we are all, especially in Spain, it is difficult to ask for economic efforts, but we encourage everyone to make the leap to Xailer 3 soon. We will be very grateful in advance to all those who decide to upgrade. Your support in these difficult times is highly valued.

Finally, I take this opportunity to thank the whole xHarbour team that made possible creating Xailer at the beginning, because some important features of xHarbour were not available on Harbour. Now they are. No doubt that is still a great product.

You may download the new Xailer 3.0 beta from our download area. You will also need the new version of Harbour+MingGW, that you may find with the name harbour32setup2.exe.

Best regards
[Xailer team]