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Small bug on latest Xailer 2 Beta upgrade

Dear Xailer users,

On our last Xailer 2 Beta publication (March 2009) there was a little bug on XAILER.EXE executable that did not show correctly its icon neither on the desktop nor on the file explorer.

Clicking on this link you may donwload a new version of the executable with the problem fixed.

Best regards,

[The Xailer team]

New Xailer 2.0 Beta upgrade

A new Xailer 2 Beta upgrade is ready with important new features that surely you will appreciate. On the IDE we have included the following features:

  • Better multimonitor support. Now forms are loaded and saved where the object inspector is, maintaining its relative position.
  • Search definition of methods, functions and procedures under the cursor. This new option that may be used from the contextual menu on the code editor permits to quickly search for the definition of a method, function or procedure defined on the same module. Shortly this feature will also search on all the project modules.
  • Incorporation of the TSysImageList control to the controls palette in order to be visually used. This control already existed but it was not available on the IDE as a visual control.
  • Added error management of the Pelles C resource compiler. Actually the IDE permits the use of any resource compiler avoiding this way the use of Borland resource compiler that has a few limitations. But the control of possible errors found on the compilation process was only made for Borland resource compiler. On this new version, the Pelles C resource compiler is also supported on the error management.
  • Periodicity configuration of the AutoUpdate system. With this modification you may indicate the periodicity in which the auto update will be done: daily, weekly or monthly. We remind you that in this beta stage this functionality is not operative.
  • New button to close the document on the editor tabs. A picture is worth a thousand words
      • TabCloseButtons

  • Initial support of form inheritance. Right now it only woks manually modifiying the clause FROM on the form class definition. We expect to publish a sample shortly.
  • Respect to the libraries, we have made important improvements on the controls: TMemDataset, TTabControl and TRichedit. See the file Whatsnew.htm for a complete description of them. But the great improvement is done in the autoscale feature. From this version all the forms may adapt itself automatically when the user uses large fonts. You will only need to set the property lAutoScale of the Application object to true, you can even manually set a different scale factor to the complete application using the property nScale of the same object, which by default has a value of 100, but it can be set to high or lower value.

    On the samples AutoScale directory you may find a sample project that shows all its power. You may find also that sample already compiled on this link.

    On this new version of Xailer 2 Beta we have also upgrade xHarbour with the latest version available on the CVS (2009-03-13), that in our test has worked correctly. But unfortunately this new version is completely incompatible with previous versions of xHarbour since it has new Opcodes, for this reason, is completely necessary to rebuild all your projects, including any library or DLL that may use.

    The normal symptom that a module needs to be recompiled is that xHarbour itself notifies with a message at startup, but some times, the application simple does not start.

    The new install file of Xailer 2 Beta can be downloaded from the following link:

    It requires also a new version of xHarbour that can be downloaded from the following link:

    We remind you that this version is only available to active registered users. For further information consult the article Xailer 2.0 news and enhancements on this same blog.

    Best regards,

    [Xailer team]