Xailer Professional countdown

Dear Xailer user,

On May, the fifteen we will publish the definitive version of Xailer Professional.

We understand that Xailer Professional is completely ready to be used as a development tool and we fully believe to have fulfilled all the requirements that ourselves did settled down when we published the Pre-release version.

All of you who have already bought the Pre-release version will automatically acquire Xailer Professional with a purchase date of May, the 15th of 2007, which will provide you a complete year of technical support and updates, that is to say, until the 15th of May of 2008. With the new version the 90% of the source code of Xailer GUI will be given to you which will allow you to know Xailer in greater depth.

We have decided to change the private CVS update system to a simpler and automatic system, that will be integrated completely in Xailer IDE. Through this new system not only the source will be updated, but all kind of files, like libraries or resources. Event the IDE itself will be updated.

To all of you who have not bought Xailer Professional yet, remember that the present discount of 70 € will disappear of May the 15th. If you have intention to buy the product I recommend to you that you do it as soon as possible.

We want to thanks all of you that you have trusted on Xailer since its beginning. Without your collaboration this project would not have been possible.

Finally, remind to all those that bought the Pre-release version, that if they wish, they can receive by mail the original disc of Xailer Professional, paying the media support and the shipment. We will include for free a Xailer mouse pad. Please contact sales@xailer.com indicating your serial number and shipment address so we can indicate you the exact cost.

Best regards,

[Xailer team]

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