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Xailer 4.0.1

Dear Xailer users,

We are proud to announce a new version of Xailer. Bellow is an overview of its features:

  • IDE:
    • TTreeView: Bug when saving treeviewitems on .xfm
    • User controls: Better error messages
    • SQLite editor: Persistence of records to show by page
    • Include of library iphlpapi on MinGw configuration


  • DataControls
    • TSQLite: Change type on CreateTable() from “M” instead of “MEMO” to “MEMOTEXT”
    • TWebDataSource: Error on primary key retrieve
    • TDbfdataset: lAutoSeek support
    • TDataSource: New event OnExecute( oSender, cSql )


  • Controls
    • TLabelEx: Bug on link position
    • TOcx: Pass VT_DISPATCH parameters on events as TOleAuto objects
    • TOcx: Bug with empty datesº
    • TLabelEx: Got focus error
    • TRichedit: New propierties lRE70, lRE80 and nUlineColor
    • TCombobox: Focus error
    • TDateEdit: mouse wheel support for days, months and years
    • TPicture: Memory leak with gdi+


  • Classes
    • TApplication: Improvement of lSingleInstance so it activates the existed instance


  • Fast-Report
    • TFastReport: Error on LOADIMAGEFROMHBVAR function call
    • TFastReport: Minor corretion for BLOB TYPES due a change on latest Harbour

We remind you that to use this new version you must have an active subscription of Xailer since it requires a new registry process on all your installations.  All the active subscription users should already received an Email with the new registry information. In any case you can reactivate your installation with the menu option Help-Register the product.

In case you do not have an active subscription you can only use Xailer 4 on DEMO so you should install it on a different directory.


[Xailer team]