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New Xailer version 2.6

New Xailer version available!

A new Xailer 2.6 version is available. This new version incorporates major improvements and fixes over the old version 2.5.

First of all, tell you that the IDE has completely changed its appearance, have completely changed all the images and icons and incorporated many new ones. We hope you enjoy it.

About the IDE, the system of plugins is fully operational. We recommend to use the plugins we’ve included as examples (the source of these have been included in samples) as ‘Quickfind’, ‘MoreEdit’ and ‘MiniBrowse’. And we encourage that you make your own plugins and if you want, you may share it with the rest of the community by uploading them to our website Xailer downloads at

Another improvement in the IDE that many of you will surely applause is the possibility to request confirmation when you try to delete a control on a form by pressing the Delete key.

In the general library there have been major improvements and new controls, which I would like to highlight the following:

  • New TCefBrowser control based on Chromium but completely native, to integrate a Web browser on your own application. (Only available in Enterpise)
  • New TLabelEx control with extended HTML functionality
  • Native support of PNG and TIFF images through GDI + so it is no longer necessary to include FreeImage.dll
  • Support for transparent images (PNG only) on TControl oBkgnd property
  • More options to set the background image position with the properties nBkgndMarginX, nBkgndMarginY and nBkgndMode
  • Support of gradients in a lot of controls and forms with the new properties nClrPaneEnd and nGradient
  • New property TPrinter: nPdfPrinter that allows to set the existence of a PDF virtual printer. When this property is greater than zero, in the print preview window there will be a new PDF export button. At the start of your applications Xailer will look for some printer containing the characters ‘PDF’ and it finds it then will set the property nPdfPrinter

Below we include detailed the Whastnew.htm file:
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