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DLL creation with Xailer 2

Dear Xailer users,

After Xailer 2 is possible to create DLLs, dynamic link libraries. As its name says, they are libraries that can be loaded on run time by the main application. When loaded, all its functions will be ready to use. The main benefit of the use of DLLs is that you can break any of your applications into different modules, so you can deliver only the modules you want and in case you need to send an update of the program you only need to send the modified or new modules.

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Datacontrols: Errors management

Traditionally on xBase the Database control management was done in advance, that is to say, you just control that no run-time error would be generated and for that job you used the RLock(), FLock() or NetErr() functions. RLock() and FLock() are functions that permit to perform updates on the DBF table when is opened in shared mode and NetErr() function basically permits to check if a USE or APPEND BLANK operation has been made correctly. Logically with Xailer you can still use this same scheme.

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