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DLL creation with Xailer 2

Dear Xailer users,

After Xailer 2 is possible to create DLLs, dynamic link libraries. As its name says, they are libraries that can be loaded on run time by the main application. When loaded, all its functions will be ready to use. The main benefit of the use of DLLs is that you can break any of your applications into different modules, so you can deliver only the modules you want and in case you need to send an update of the program you only need to send the modified or new modules.

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Update libraries

After a few weeks of using Xailer 2.0 in production and seeing that a large percentage of users already have updated and we have many others taking advantage of this new version (welcome to all), I have decided to update some libraries that were available only for version 1.9 and earlier.

The following links contains the updated ZIPs and a link to each component that includes a description of the properties, methods and a small example of each one.

    GDP, convert between different image formats. Post

    Note: This post is in Spanish, will try to publish an English version ASAP.

José Lalín

Another small step forward to Xailer 2.0

First of all, we’d like to wish you a happy new year 2009 and thank you for your confidence in Xailer that we hope it will continue in the future.

Once again, we came back with another upgrade of the future Xailer 2.0, with important new features that surely you will enjoy. But I would like to point out that this new version is completely functional and secure. We highly recommend its use on your own projects.

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