Monthly Archives: October 2007

New Xailer version 1.76

Dear Xailer user,

A new Xailer version 1.76 is available from the following link:

Is also necessary to download the latest version of our xHarbour binaries updated up to 12/11/2007 and with some minor fixes made by us to solve some bugs on its OOP engine. You may download it from the following link:

This new version fixes all the specific errors of version 1.7 plus all the corrections and enhancements made in version 1.6.

As we told you on previous articles, the version 1.7 is constructed with the latest xHarbour binaries available on its CVS, for that reason we decide to set it as a non-stable version and we kept alive version 1.6. We believe that right now, version 1.76 is enough mature and can be used on production environments, and for that reason we recommend its use.

The actual version 1.66 will not have further upgrades, being necessary to jump to version 1.7 for future upgrades. The life cycle of version 1.7 will also be very short since the new version 1.8 will be published really soon with some important new features.

We have also published within the IDE automatic update system, the upgrade from version 1.75 to 1.76. Though this new version works with the xHarbour published version 1.7, we recommend to upgrade to the newest version of xHarbour indicated on this same article.

Best regards,

[Xailer team]