Monthly Archives: December 2010

Xailer 2.1.5 Beta

Dear Xailer user,

As reported several days ago in the newsgroups, we are pleased to present as a gift from Santa Claus a new version of Xailer IDE who has suffer an important inner transformation in order to undertake major improvements to the tool.
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Xailer 2.1.4

Dear Xailer users,

Today we have publish a small upgrade of Xailer 2.1.4. (also accessible through IDE Auto update feature).

Our Xailer next version will include important new features that surely you will like. We expect to have them before Christmas, i.e., in just a few days, so keep tunned.

Do not try to upgrade to this new version until you are completely sure you are allowed to do it.

Best regards,

[Xailer team]