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Xailer Enterprise at half price for limited time

Dear Xbase user,

We are pleased to announce an important offer that is unlikely to be repeated. That is a reduction of almost the 50% in the price of Xailer Enterprise throughout the month of September 2015. To qualify for this offer is only necessary to meet one of the following requirements:

  1. Bought any Xailer version, for which we will request your serial number or invoice.
  2. Be a registered user on any of the following Xbase products:
  • Visual FoxPro
  • Alaska Xbase++
  • Any xHarbour version from
  • Any Fivewin version from Fivetech software

For which you will be required by email a proof of purchase.

This great offer aims to make Xailer accessible to all users who after more than ten years we have been developing it have not yet willing or able to make the jump. We hope that this incentive we can count on any of them in the near future.

It is possible that more than one unconditional Xailer users that has been with us for many years feel upset about this offer, but we ask you to understand that this offer is just trying to consolidate the future of Xailer and therefore is good for our entire community.

To all those who do not know Xailer by now we encourage you to ask in our support forums about the benefits and functionality over other xBase products. I hope that many current Xailer users will tell you their experiences and opinion about Xailer.

You can go directly to the order form from the link below:

Xailer Enterprise order (competitive offer)

Last but not least: We want to thank the work of all members who have actively collaborated with the development of Harbour . They may have, completely free, a license of Xailer Enterprise. They must send us an email to with the subject ‘Xailer gift‘ indicating its name, email address and contribution alias in GitHub or SourceForge . Email account must match the one displayed in GitHub or SourceForge.

Best regards

[Xailer team]