Monthly Archives: January 2011

xEdit 2.2

Dear [x]Harbour user,

We are proud to announce xEdit 2.2, our completely free IDE for Harbour & xHarbour. Now with multi-project support and enhanced toolbars to make coding even easier.

Yo may download this new version from our donwload area at:

[Xailer team]

Xailer 2.2

Dear Xailer users,

After a 15 days Beta period, today we have published Xailer 2.2 with a lot of new features. The main improvement is on the IDE that has been completely redesigned and now supports subprojects. You may find a list of all of them on this link.

We will like to remember, as it happened with Xailer 2.1 is that version 2.2 requires a a new registration because there is a change on the activation key. This register process can only be done on active machines with active subscriptions.

You can check until which version of Xailer you can upgrade from the IDE menu option Help->Registry information.

To simplify the process for all those people that can not reach our registry web system, we will send by Email the new registry values for all the active machines on active subscriptions.

Do not try to upgrade to this new version until you are completely sure you are allowed to do it.

Best regards,

[Xailer team]

New Xailer 2.1.5 Beta

Dear Xailer user,

A new release of Xailer Beta 2.1.5 is ready with the all the bugs found corrected. On next Monday 17th we will publish the official 2.2. version of Xailer.

We would like to thanks to everybody that has collaborate on the bugs correction and we will highly appreciate a further effort in order to publish the new version with no errors.

You may download the new file from our new download manager at:

As you can see, the file is a simple executable. I recommend you to copy it to your XailerBin directory and you make a direct link to it, so you can use the old or the new version of Xailer IDE indifferently. It is important that you bear in mind that if you execute the project from the file explorer it will start the old version of Xailer.

Do not attempt to use this beta if you are not currently registered to Xailer version 2.1.

Best regards,

[Xailer team]