New components for Xailer 2

After releasing Xailer 2 with support to build and use external components (see here) I thought about releasing the most of the componets I wrote in the last two years.

I thought it would be a good idea to start with some of the simplest ones so here they are: three extensions to the standard TEditBtn control.

TEditFilename and TEditDirectory

This two are used to easy select a filename or a folder:



Both controls show a TBrowseForFolder dialog to select the filename or directory when the button is clicked or on pressing the F2 key.


This control shows the standard Xailer calculator on a TMaskEdit in case some calculations are needed:


Customize the components

Each of these components is easily customizable to use the TFileOpenDlg / TFileSaveDlg dialog instead of TBrowseForFolder or display our own TCalculator control if we don’t like the Xailer’s one.

You can also change the image displayed at runtime by editing the oBitmap property with the image you want or modify the contents of the file EditFilename.res has all the sources and includes two projects: one to create the DLL and one for the library. includes the DLL ready to be registered in the IDE, the static library to link to applications and a .res file with the default images.

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