Xailer 2.1.5 Beta

Dear Xailer user,

As reported several days ago in the newsgroups, we are pleased to present as a gift from Santa Claus a new version of Xailer IDE who has suffer an important inner transformation in order to undertake major improvements to the tool.

Because of this major transformation we decided to publish previously the new IDE in Beta stage in order to be tested before making the jump to version 2.2. The Beta period will be very short. In fact, the IDE has been extensively tested by ourselves and we believe there will be few ‘bugs’ that may be found (fingers crossed).

The main changes has been done on the support of multiple projects, ie the ability to have multiple projects open at the same time controlling the dependencies between them. To do this it was necessary to completely change the XPJ file format from INI format to XML format that offers many more possibilities. Each time you open an old project with the new IDE, you will be prompted to make the conversion to the new format. If you answer not, then the multi-project feature will not be available. Obviously, if you convert the project, it can not be opened with earlier versions of Xailer so it is advisable to back it up just in case.

The change of XPJ to XML format has allowed us to improve the build process on each file particularly being able to change for a given file its compilation conditions. A picture is worth a thousand words:

We have included in the code editor a collection of button bars for easy editing operations, such as:

  • navigation through the code, it displays a combo with all methods and functions of the module. When you scroll through the code, the combo will show the name of the method or function where you are and if you type in the combo directly, the editor will automatically create the method in the class, including its prototype.
  • Classic editing operations such as copy, cut, paste, undo and redo.
  • Search and replace operations
  • Operations with marks

    Each bars can be hidden through the configuration editor.

    The really great change in Xailer IDE Xailer has occurred on its inside. Without the change we have made it would be impossible to undertake all the improvements that we have already achieved and many others that we still need to do. We hope that in the future you can see the progress of Xailer IDE with a lot more agility.

    We also take the 2.1.5 Beta release of Xailer to introduce the new download manager that we have implemented in:


    As you can see, the file is a simple executable. I recommend you copy it to your XailerBin directory and you make a direct link to it, so you can use the old or the new version of Xailer IDE indifferently. It is important that you bear in mind that if you execute the project from the file explorer it will start the old version of Xailer.

    The new download manager is designed to be used by all of you as a repository for any file useful for software development in Xailer. We encourage you to contribute with your own routines, classes, examples, documents or even end applications.

    Do not attempt to use this beta if you are not currently registered to Xailer version 2.1.

    Best regards,

    [Xailer team]

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