Xailer Portable

Xailer becomes portable!!!

This is one of the continuing requests we have received from many Xailer users for a long time and we can announce that it is ready to lack of small business details. We hope the new Portable Xailer meet the needs of mobility that many of you have sued us.

Xailer Portable is basically a Xailer version than can be used from any device regardless of the machine that is running the IDE itself. The device can be an external hard drive or a simple Pen drive. Xailer is registered for use from the device only, but being connected to any PC.

Xailer Portable gives no additional license, simply provides another method of activation for the license that already possess. It is therefore an addition on the original license, with a unique cost (paid once only) and is directly linked on the original license on which it is granted.

However, with the purchase of Portable Xailer you will get a new serial number, but for purely administrative reasons. The subscription expiration of this license is the same as the license number where applicable and if you upgrade your version of Xailer in the main license also automatically update the expiration date on your license Portable.

A Xailer Portable license allows activation of Xailer up to two different hardware devices. Unlike the standard version, Portable Xailer can not be deactivated until 6 months after activation. But for your peace of mind I will say that even formatting the device may not cause any problems. It is important to use only one of the activations since the other is used solely as security activation in case of lost or damaged of the device.

In exceptional cases Xailer Portable probably will not be able to register for a particular hardware device, although in our tests this has only happened once with a shoddy pen drive.

Only be welcome to purchase Xailer Portable users who have a Professional or Enterprise license of Xailer 2.3 or later.

Xailer Portable cost is the same for Xailer Professional or Enterprise licenses and will cost 95 euros. The amount must be paid only once since its subscription rights and updates will be fully linked to the license which it proceeds.

It will be available as a new product on our Web very soon. During the first week you can purchase Xailer Portable at a great price of 75 euros. Those who are interested I recommend you to keep tunned, BTW we will inform you when is ready on this same blog.

Best regards
[Xailer team]

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