Xailer 2.4

Dear Xailer users,

We are proud to announce Xailer 2.4 with a lot of new features, specially on the IDE, for example:

  • Use of tabs on the message area that allows to keep the latest search operations or compile without loosing any information on the message area
  • Disk global search
  • Extended the ‘Search definition under cursor’ system to the complete project
  • New TODO & TOFIX management system
  • Automatic case matching of variables, parameters and class members

And some others important features that you may find at Whatsnew.htm.

We have already very advanced the support of ‘Intellisense’ for the complete Xailer RTL and we expect that it will be ready for next version 2.5. The other three main areas we are working right now are:

  • Better Copy & Paste support on form editor
  • Undo operations on the form editor
  • Native support for Firebird on Xailer Enterprise

We will like to remember, as it happened with Xailer 2.3 is that version 2.4 requires a a new registration because there is a change on the activation key. This register process can only be done on active machines with active subscriptions.

You can check until which version of Xailer you can upgrade from the IDE menu option Help->Registry information.

To simplify the process for all those people that can not reach our registry web system, we will send by Email the new registry values for all the active machines on active subscriptions.

Do not try to upgrade to this new version until you are completely sure you are allowed to do it.

Best regards,

[Xailer team]