Dear Xailer user,

Welcome to xailer.info, the official Xailer web site for Technical information and support. From this site we will want to offer any kind of information related to Xailer, and we expect that it will be become a really meeting point for all the users that want to share their acknowledge and experiences about Xailer.

Regularly the creators and collaborators of Xailer will publish interesting tehcnical articles that we hope they will be of a great interest. We will also treat some less technical matters, but always related to the Xailer or xBase world.

We hope you find this Web site useful and we might count with your presence and comments. If likewise, you want to collaborate with us on the development of this site contents, with no doubt, please, join us, from the ‘Collaborators’ link that you will find on this same page.

All Xailer creators are spanish spoken people. We apologize for any ‘spanglish’ you may find on this Blog and we highly appreciate your comments to fix them.

We also would like to sincerely thanks Alfredo Sanz (Fredy) for his great work on the development of this site.

Best regards,

[Xailer Team]

6 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. sakis

    Very cool Ignacio !!!!

    Hoping to solve many problems here, with some coding, samples etc…

    Keep walking boys…

    Best Regards from Greece


  2. Ingo

    Dear Xailers,

    this site is great. I hope to get many many helpful hints and samples here.
    Keep it up!

    BTW klicking on ‘Feed on [ ] Posts or [ ] Comments’ shows the html-sourcecode of the existing comments.

    Best regards from Bavaria/Germany


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