Xailer 3

Dear Xailer users,

We are pleased to announce the publication of the definitely Xailer 3. We have tried to correct most of the errors that this version could have and therefore the Beta period has taken longer than usual, but we think it was worth it.

In previous articles of Xailer Beta 3 we reviewed all the new features included in this new version and we understand that it’s not worth repeating again. If you want to know all the new features I suggest you read the two previous articles of Xailer 3 Beta.

We re-emphasize how important it is to upgrade to this new version even if it means some work on your part. The more you postpone the change, the higher its cost. Adopting Harbour and the MinGW compiler is final and there is no turning back. Please remember that we offer a migration service to Harbour which is really competitive in price.

Upgrading to Xailer 3 has no additional cost to users who have an active subscription as usual. Regardless of the date of purchase either version 2 of Xailer can be updated to version 3, however, users with versions 1 of Xailer can not access by updating and must purchase the full product.

You may download the new Xailer 3.0 from our download area. You will also need the new version of Harbour+MingGW, that you may find with the name harbour32setup.exe.