New Xailer 3.3

Dear Xailer users,

We are proud to announce a new version of Xailer. Bellow is an overview of its features:

    • General:
      • Potential GPF on mutithread
      • Error on controls background painting
      • Random memory leaks
    • IDE:
      • User controls creation
      • TLabelEx New property editor
      • On multi-project systems allow the link of child resource files in parent resource file
      • When ‘publishing a project’, compress all the resources that appear in resource files
      • Assistant to set controls tab order position
      • Debugger: Better support of hashes and arrays
      • TTabControl: Insert tab items on inherited control
      • Editor:Updated to Scintilla 3.4.2
      • Intellisense:Show class functions with a different image
      • Restore windows after execute on the same order they were
      • Editor: PHP, JavaScript and HTML support
      • Intellisense:Show list with Ctrl+Sp even when the symbol is already found
      • DBF Editor: Edition error with numeric (decimal) types
    • DataControls
      • TDbfDataset: New paramter lScoped on method SetRelation
      • TMySql: Support of float values expressed in cientific notation
      • TMySql: MEMO and BLOB types where not differentiated
      • TWebDataSource: New methods UpdateFile and DeleteFile
      • TWebDataSource: Error on BulkExecute operations
      • TSqlite: Updated to version
      • TMenuItem: Error on OnCheckState event when it returned a NIL value
      • TPicture: New property nTimeFrame for animated Gifs
      • TEdit: New method Replace
      • TLabelEx: Color support with the tag <#rrggbb>
      • TPicture: Additional parameter nBgColor on method MakeThumbnail()
    • Controls
      • TControl: New properties nAlignMarginLeft, nAlignMarginTop, nAlignMarginRight and nAlignMarginBottom
      • TFolderpage: Memory leak
      • TFolderpage: OnChangeFocus event was not triggered when changing page
      • TBrowse: Error on width adjustment when the column had various lines
      • TFlatBtn: New property nClrTextHot
      • TBrowse: Column width adjustment error when it had more than one line
      • TMenuItem: Error on event OnCheckState when returned a NIL value
      • TPicture: New propery nTimeFrame for animated Gifs
      • TEdit: New method Replace
      • TLabelEx: Color support with the format <#rrggbb>
      • TPicture: New paraemter nBgColor on method MakeThumbnail()
    • Classes
      • TZipArchive: Error on lPathRelative
      • TCanvas: New method Polygon
      • TReport: Incorrect page break on some circunstances
      • TIni: New parameter lTrim on SetEntry method
      • TSysImageList: Memory leaks
    • Fast-Report
      • TFastReport: New lLoadOnDemand property
      • TFastReport: Support of QR codes
      • TFastReport: New methods: ClearVariables, VariablesList and CategoryList
      • TFastReport: New method SetFormatSettings
      • TFastReport: Preview incomplete when the report was already open in design mode
      • TFastReport: Error on loading empty datasets on design mode
      • TFastReport: Error on Xailer category variables
      • TFastReport: Error when setting values before the DLL is loaded
      • TFrDataset: New lLoadOnDemand property
      • TFrDataset: Error with custom ADS data types
      • TFRPreview: New property lBtnClose
      • TFRPreview: New methods Close() and ClosePreview()
    • Functions
      • New function XA_IsWin8()
      • GPF on StrEncodeEscape() when using an empty string as first parameter
      • New function Polygon()
      • New function EnumResourceNames( <hModule>, <cType> | <nType> ) –> aResourceNames
    • Samples
      • New FastReport sample

We remind you that to use this new version you must have an active subscription of Xailer since it requires a new registry process on all your installations.  All the active subscription users should already received an Email with the new registry information. In any case you can reactivate your installation with the menu option Help-Register the product.

In case you do not have an active subscription you can only use Xailer 3.3 on DEMO so you should install it on a different directory.


[Xailer team]

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