New Xailer version 1.8

Dear Xailer user,

A new Xailer version 1.8 is available from the following link:

Is also necessary to download the latest version of our xHarbour binaries updated up to 11/30/2007 and with some minor fixes to solve some bugs on its OOP engine. You may download it from the following link:

This new version includes some important new features like:

  • PDF file generation form the Print preview window
  • Email send from the Print preview windows
  • Registry activation and information directly through Internet
  • New class to send Emails directly
  • Project libraries management

With this new version we include an automatic new registry system through Internet so it will not be any more necessary to request new activation codes through Email like you have done until now. With this new system we stop with the indiscriminate delivery of new registry keys and we make the system a little bit more clear and comfortable. With this new system any user can activate or deactivate on of its keys, you can even register the same machine various times with different company names, and the only limitations imposed are:

  • You can not deactivate a machine until 3 months after its last activation
  • You can not reactivate a machine until 6 months after its last revocation

We have decided to put the activation counter at zero for all Xailer clients, therefore, with the new system you may active again some new machines with your license, but this does not mean you indeed have more activations that the really contracted.

It is possible that due the changes done with the new Libraries management on the IDE some of your projects will not link correctly due the lack of library ‘DBFCDX’. To include it to your project you just need to go to the menu option Project>Properties on the ‘Libraries’ page and check the xHarbour library ‘dbfcdx.lib’.

Best regards,

[Xailer team]

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