Xailer 4 released

Dear Xailer user,

We are pleased to release a new version of Xailer. This time the number 4. We are especially proud of this new version that incorporates major improvements that we hope you like it. I list the most important:

  • Harbour updated to latest version.
  • MinGW updated to latest version 4.9.
  • Visual SQL query builder.
  • Internationalization support through plugin. (source code included)
  • Scintilla updated to version 3.5.4.
  • Support of #DEFINES in Intellisense.
  • Better tooltip management in Intellisense.
  • Added more than 700 Harbour functions to Intellisense.
  • Coincident words hilite on editor.
  • Brand new SQLite editor with new capabilities: Masive DBF import, export to MySql/MariaDB and visual query builder.
  • MariaDB client libraries updtated to 2.0
  • SQLite updated to
  • Scanners support
  • New clas TImageEditor to edit images
  • Great enhancements on TLabelEx, supporting more tags.
  • Increase of speed and transaction support of TWebDataSource
  • Fast-Report for Xailer updated to latest FR VCL 4 version.
  • Improvements on Fast-Report: Calculated fields, use of empty arrays, selection of fields to export on datasets.

You can download this new version from the following link:


As already commented, this new version of Xailer requires new Harbour & MinGW binaries that you can also download from the following link:


Notice how in this same page also have access to binaries Harbour Xailer 3 and earlier.

Although not strictly necessary, but due to changing compilers, we recommend that completely reconstruct all your projects, including own libraries that you may use.

If you want to keep both facilities Xailer Xailer 3 and 4 on the same machine that is no problem. Only you will have to install Xailer 4 in another directory, eg c: \ xailer4. New Harbour binaries can also be installed in a directory within Xailer 4, for example: c: \ xailer4 \ hb32. In any case, you should update the parameters of directories in the option Tools-> General Options menu. This way you can get both versions of Xailer coexist without problems.

When two versions of Xailer are maintained, it is very important to set the directory section Tools-> General Options at both environments.

To use Xailer 4 is necessary to have an active subscription, which can be checked from the option Help-> Registration Information menu. Otherwise you can only use it in DEMO mode whose only limitation is that executables are not autonomous and must be launched from the IDE itself.

We remind you that only owners of Xailer 3 can access to this update. Users of previous versions must purchase the full product and may not qualify for any upgrade offer.

Best regards, 

[Xailer team]