What’s New in Xailer 5 (I)

Dear Xailer users,

I would like in a series of articles to gradually count the improvements that I personally have incorporated into the future Xailer 5. From the smallest to the most important and without any kind of pre-established order.

On this first occasion I will comment on the improvements built into the filter bar of the browses. I’m sure more than one is going to sigh a finally ! 😉 These are:

  • Access to the filter bar simply by pressing the cursor up key from the first record of the Browse.
  • Ability to navigate between different filter fields with the TAB and May + TAB keys
  • Ability to force immediate filtering and return focus to browse by pressing cursor key down from any filter bar edit field

When we use the filter bar of the TDbBrowse in conjunction with a TMemDataset object, there are important improvements worth mentioning:

  • Possibility of establishing a range using the sequence ‘- (2 dashes)’. For example: 2–8, which would mean values between 2 and 8 inclusive.
  • Using logical operators: ‘&&’ for Y and ‘||’ For O. For example: 1 || 3, which would mean values 1 or 3

I hope you liked it. Be aware of future articles. Thank you for your attention.

Best regards,

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