xaWdbu: New professional DBF files editor

There are many DBF file editors, some are free and some others you must pay for them, even Xailer team offers a completely free DBF editor on its programming tool for [x]Harbour xEdit .

As many of you already know, my self, through the company OZ Software I am selling a really complete DBF editor which has a lot of acceptance by the CA-Clipper users. Though, that tools is built with the CA-Clipper compiler, so it is a 16 bits program and also lacks all the new functionalities that Harbour and xHarbour give to the DBF files management.

For all that, I decided some time ago, to recreate a new version of wDbu, but this time, using Xailer and so, xHarbour. This new version is completely written from scratch to obtain the maximum possibilities of Xailer and xHarbour, but using all the experience of the old Wdbu, which has contributed, I hope, to create powerful and flexible tool.

The program has been improved on a lot of aspects, but specially at the interface level, and not only in its visual aspect, but also in its functionality and flexibility. As a sample, xaWdbu can establish multiple relations father-son up to any level, and that information, is internally saved so it is automatically restored the next time you open that same file.

The script runner has been greatly improved, and now is easy to use. For those of you that use UDF (User defined functions) on your index expressions we permit the inclusion of all your functions to xaWdbu through a HRB module.

xaWdbu will be available for sale shortly, but if you want to test it now, you may donwload it from here. We have also create a new newsgroup on our local News server so you can give us some feedback about the program.

We have changed the registry system of the program in order to become more comfortable to every body. The new protection is based only on the machine name. This way, the change or reformat of PC it will not be a problem. But we will be very severe and we will not allow changes on the machine name since we believe there is no reason to do so normally. Only two machines can be activated with one license. Any comments about this new registry system will be highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for any feedback given.

Best regards,

Ignacio Ortiz de Zúñiga