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Xailer 2.5

Dear Xailer users,

We are proud to announce Xailer 2.5 with a lot of new features, specially on the IDE:

  • IDE:
    • New: New copy/paste system fixes bugs on controls with embeded aItems
    • New: Intellisense
    • New: Templates (File->New->From template and File->Save as template)
    • New: Metacontrols
    • New: Plugins and plugin manager in Components->Plugins
    • New start window when there is no project open
    • Updated scintilla to 2.1.2
    • Suppor for hotspots (URLs) in code comments (Tools->Editor options->Look)
    • New button to restore default colors in Tools->Editor options->Syntax
    • Bug fixed on saving TOptionItem:Cargo property
    • Bug fixed on saving oExplorerGroup:Cargo property
    • Rare error when closing projects
    • Bug when setting font color for more than one control at the same time
    • Search TODO/TOFIX in multiline comments
    • Completed translations for all supported languages
    • New option “Set as main module” in the Project Manager
    • Rewritten float values editor for the Object Inspector
    • Show tooltip with file information for each tab in the code editor
    • New option “Close all tabs” in the Output window context menu
    • Hit F2 jumps to cText property in Object Inspector
    • Hit F2 in Object Inspector opens extended edit if allowed
    • Show number of matches and files in “Find in files”
    • SQLite editor: show the DDL statements executed on table changes
    • Show number of elements on the tab tooltip on ToDo, Breakpoints and Bookmarks views panes
    • Bug when doing double click in a C header file
    • Select file on Project Manager on double-click in the tab of the code editor
    • Stop compilation on closing the output window
    • Don’t start a new compile process when there it is already compiling
    • Show calltips aligned to the function
    • Remember Output window height when closing the IDE
    • ESC closes the Output window from the code editor
    • Bug selecting code between braces with Ctrl+E
    • Option to configure user folders in Tools->Options->Folders->User folders
    • Customize Intellisense font in Tools->Editor options->Calltips and Intellisense
    • Enter key jumps to code editor from ToDo, Breakpoints and Bookmarks views panes
  • General
    • Colors.ch: Color definition of type CLR_name are obsolete and will be deleted on next Xailer version
    • Controls.ch: Removed #translate ?
  • DataControls
    • TDbfDataset: Bug in lReuseDel
    • TDbfDataset: Enhanced error information in method OrdSetFocus()
    • TMySQL: Support for DateTime and TimeStamp

  • Forms
    • New event OnCopyData()

  • Controls
    • TGlassBtn: New button control using GDI+
    • TShiftPanel: New TPanel alike control
    • TOcx: Fixes in focus and other minor fixes
    • TRichEdit: Bug in GetLine() method
    • TRichEdit: Fixed oFont creation in Create() method
    • TRichEdit: Load conversion filter from Office 2010
    • TRichedit: Find conversion filters in the application folder
    • TMessagebox: Fixed return value in Run()
    • TMessagebox: Allow to show remaining time in the title
    • TStatusPanel: Adjust embebed controls positioning
    • TEditBtn: New styles ebARROW and ebPROMPT
    • TEditBtn: New property cPrompt
    • TBtnBmp: New style fsRAISED
    • TColorComboBox: New property lAddColor
    • TDBBrowse: Double check to avoid posible error in form destruction
    • TAdoDataSource: Bug in Execute() method when returning a recordset
    • TBrwCol: Wrong positioning of context menu in oHeader
    • TListViewGroup: Fix on setting cHeader, cFooter, nHeaderAlign and nFooterAlign
    • TListViewColumn: Fix on setting nAligment
    • TListViewColumn: Display image when changing nAlignment

  • Other classes
    • TBlatMail: Bug in lReceipt
    • TBlatMail: New properties: lUndisclosedRecipients, nTimeOut, nTries and nAuth
    • TMailSlotServer and TMailSlotClient: New clases for data exchange between applications
    • TCanvas: New methods AngeArc(), Arc(), ArcTo(), Chord() and Pie()
    • TCanvas: New method GetPos()
    • TMenu: New method Refresh()
    • TComboBox: Fix to not trim spaces when adding items
    • TCalculator: New parameter to paste result in active control
    • TRecentList: Refresh the list with lAutoSave and lAutoRemove
    • TFileOperationDlg: New properties lFilesOnly and lNoCopySecurityAttrib
  • Functions
    • New functions AngleArc(), Arc(), ArcTo(), Chord() and Pie()
    • New function SendWMCopyData()
    • New function SHGetFolder()
    • Function MakeNestedDir() return an error code compatible with DirMake()
    • Function GetFileVersionInfo() to extract version information from EXEs and DLLs
    • Full support for the GDI+ api (609 functions)
  • Samples
    • samplesMetaControlsPanelOkCancel: Metacontrol which builds a panel with two custom buttons
    • samplesGlassBtn: Sample for the new TGlassBtn control
    • samplesShiftPanel: Sample for the new TShiftPanel control
    • samplesPluginsMoreEdit: Plugin with two extensions:
      • MoreEdit: adds a menuitem “MoreEdit” to the Edit menu with options SetCaseUpper/Lower/Capitalize, mimicking the options in Edit->Special. Adds options to invert upper and lower case, sort lines and renumber numerics lists.
      • QuickFind: adds an option to the Search menu to do incremental searchs and mark text as in Firefox
    • samplesPluginsMoreOptions: Adds a new option “Editor extra options” to the Tools menu to customize some options that are not accesible from the configuration dialogs.
    • samplesMailSlotServer and samplesMailSlotClient: Using Inter Process Communications (IPC) between aplications using MailSlots
    • samplesWMCopyDataServer and samplesWMCopyDataClient: Using Inter Process Communications (IPC) between aplications using SendWmCopyData() and TForm:OnCopyData event
    • samplesGdiPlusExif: Show image information from EXIF tags
    • samplesGdiPlusConvert: Converts between diferent image formats
  • Documentation
    • Updated to latest changes


We will like to remember, as it happened with Xailer 2.4 is that version 2.5 requires a a new registration because there is a change on the activation key. This register process can only be done on active machines with active subscriptions.

You can check until which version of Xailer you can upgrade from the IDE menu option Help->Registry information.

To simplify the process for all those people that can not reach our registry web system, we will send by Email the new registry values for all the active machines on active subscriptions.

Do not try to upgrade to this new version until you are completely sure you are allowed to do it.

Best regards,

[Xailer team]

Case match

This time Ignacio brings to us a great addition to the IDE which will be ready for the next release: the case matching.

The animated GIF shows this feature: when typing nKey (declared as a formal method parameter) and nIndex (declared as a local variable) in lower case, the IDE itselfs updates the case of the variables, parameters and class members to make them match with its definition.