FastReport free!!

Dear Xailer and xBase users,

With the publication of FastReprot for [x]Harbour & Xailer we have prepared a great commercial offer with the aim of attracting others Harbour and xHarbour users who have not used our products, consisting of giving a full license of FastReport for [x] Harbour and Xailer when buying Xailer Enterprise. A savings of 300 euros which is exactly what it costs FastReport for [x] Harbour and Xailer.

Our product FastReport for [x]Harbour & Xailer can be used not only with Xailer, but with any other Harbour and xHarbour framework, both in GUI mode and console mode. However, under Xailer is where stands so shocking as it is fully integrated into the IDE.

The offer is only for new users from other xBase environments and Xailer 1 users that can not update to version 3. However, it makes much sense to buy an additional license of Xailer Enterprise for users who are still with the personal or professional version or for those who need more licenses.

This offer is available for a limited time until November 1, and we anticipate that will be unique (not happen again) and validity period will not be extended under any circumstances.

Best regards,

[Xailer team]

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