New Xailer 3.1

Dear Xailer users,

We are proud to announce a new version of Xailer. Bellow is an overview of its features:

  • General:
    • Multi-thread support
    • FastReport support
    • General Improvements to allow the use of AnimateWindow() function (see sample)
    • Removed small memory leaks
    • Fixed access on OCX components
    • Error on Xailer Portable registry

  • IDE:
    • Finished form inheritance support
    • Show color oon object inspector for color type properties
    • New search files engine in the project manager
    • Standard Xailer bitmaps added to the resource manager
    • Scintilla upgraded to version 3.3.1
    • Improvements on directives syntax highliting
    • Folding support for comments and directives
    • TBrowse: Display error when resizing columns
    • SVN did not create new repositories
    • Highlight active folding
    • Show normal cursor on the folding edge
    • Move selected text block/current line with Ctrl+Shift+Cursor Up/Down
    • Support os ‘Super’ value in Intellisense
    • Support of STATIC functions in Intellisense
    • When two or more controls were selected, not all its common properties were displayed
    • Bug on printing of ‘@’ operator
    • Paint logical operators and constants like the rest of operators
    • Image load error on TBtnbmp when using icons instead of bitmaps
    • Align and Size dialogs have been enlarged

  • DataControls
    • TMySQL: Error handling milliseconds
    • TMySQL: New function MySql_Ping
    • TDatePicker: Error on SetDate method
    • TDataField: New properties cTable and FullName

  • Controls
    • TBtnBmp: Corrections on transparency painting
    • TToolBar: Paint error
    • TArrayBrowse: Error on method Goto
    • TComboBoxEx: Error painting images when assigned after the creation of the control
    • TMaskEdit: Error on DATETIME type treatment
    • TFilterCombo: (From samples.dll) New property lShowAllOnEmpty
    • TZipArchive: New property lMasksComPath

  • Classes
    • TThread: New class for managing threads
    • New classes for FastReport management

  • Functions
    • New AnimateWindow function
    • New aJoin function

  • Samples
    • New multi-thread samples
    • New FastReport samples
    • New visual inheritance sample
    • New AnimateWindow sample

Any comment will be highly appreciated.


[Xailer team]