New Xailer version 1.7

Dear Xailer user,

After the launch of Xailer version 1.6 we present immediately the new version 1.7 with the only difference that it has been constructed with the latest version of xHarbour available from its CVS, exactly on September, the fourth of 2007.

The new version of xHarbour is not compatible with the one used by Xailer 1.6, for that reason is completely necessary to reconstruct all your projects and any Xailer libraries that you may be using. If when you start the application from the IDE you just simply see a empty debug window, or you receive a GPF when you launch the application from outside the IDE, then surely, you are using some module compiled with the previous version of xHarbour.

This new version of xHarbour has been tested by us and its working nicely, but logically is possible that it may have some bugs, so we can not guarantee the same stability of the previous version 1.6. BTW, we animate everybody to probe it so we can get your feedback about any possible error you may find, that we will try to fix as soon as possible.

During Xailer version 1.7 life cycle, any bug found on Xailer that also affects to version 1.6, we will publish automatic updates for both versions.

You may download this new version from:

You must also download the new xHarbour binaries from:

Best regards,

[Xailer team]