New Xailer version 1.75 and 1.65

Dear Xailer users,

As surely many of you already know, our link to Xailer version 1.7 that we published few days ago has been broken during a short period due some important problems that did arise on the IDE and Xailer library.

After the corrections of all those problems we are ready to publish again a new version of Xailer that now is published as version 1.75. Unfortunately is necessary to download again the complete Xailer, being impossible the use of the automatic update system.

We have included to this new version fixes to all the bugs founded on version 1.70. For further information please consult the file ‘whatsnew.htm’.

We also also updated the actual version of Xailer 1.6 to 1.65, that as usual, you may download from our web pages at:

The download of version 1.75 can be done from the same link as version 1.7:

I remind you that for version 1.7 you must also download the new xHarbour binaries from:

Finally, we have a small modification on our register system and all of you that did install Xailer on hard drive different form the system hard drive will have to register again your copy of Xailer. Of course it will not increase the number of activations given. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Best regards,

[Xailer team]