What’s New in Xailer 5 (III)

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Today I comment on another IDE improvement that I understand is quite useful and consists of the possibility of performing incremental searches on the search results offered by the IDE when a massive search is performed. In the new version of Xailer when you perform a massive search you can see a new icon on the messages window:

Search on search

Search on search

When we click this new button we can perform an incremental search on the search results obtained. The search system is incremental and begins to act as soon as we are more than half a second without introducing any character. I hope you like it.
Search on search results

Search on search results

There is less left for the Xailer 5 release!

The following articles will be much more important and interesting; We will address the ten new controls that includes Xailer 5 and the new local version control tool that is also fully compatible with the use of external version control systems such as SVN or CVS.

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