What’s New in Xailer 5 (IV)

Dear Xailer users,

Fourth article of the improvements that will include Xailer 5, and is is very important and almost indispensable if you want to make applications for tablets with Windows 10 as OS. It is a control that already exists in Xailer from its beginning and is based on a native control of Windows but we have always wanted to get rid of it due to its limitations and is the control ‘TTabControl‘ and its inherited ‘TFolder ‘.

The new name control ‘TTabs’ includes all the functionality of the native control, but also includes the following improvements:

  • Any orientation (with correct visualization)
  • Definible Height and width of tabs
  • Ghost tab so the user can include more tabs
  • Possibility to move the tabs by the end user
  • Customizable tab borders
  • Absolute absence of any type of flicker

TTabs 1
The new TTabs control also allows you to trap the paint events in a simple way and thus completely change the appearance of the control. With this simple code:

METHOD Tabs1DrawTab( oSender, nIndex, cText, nImage, nClrText, nClrPane, nState, hDC, aRect ) CLASS TForm1

LOCAL hBrush
LOCAL aColors := {0x737373, 0x4986E7, 0x16A765, 0xE9B330, 0xA479E2}

 IF (nState == tsHOT .OR. nState == tsSELECTED) .AND. nIndex > 0
  nImage += 5
  hBrush := CreateSolidBrush( aColors[ nIndex ] )
  FillRect( hDC, { aRect[ rtLEFT ], aRect[ rtTOP ], aRect[ rtRIGHT ], aRect[ rtTOP ] + 2 }, hBrush )
  DeleteObject( hBrush )
  aRect[ rtTOP ] += 2


We get this effect: (Maybe I’ll remind you of something ;-))
TTabs 2
For Xailer 5 I have developed a total of ten new controls thinking especially in the new visual aspect that imposes Windows 10 and the need to have controls optimized for use in tablets. We understand that they are advanced usage controls and for that reason will only be present in the Enterprise version of Xailer. We encourage you to make the jump to Enterprise as soon as possible. The advantages are many, but certainly the most important, is to be able to use database servers directly without any type of connector such as ADO or ODBC.

Best regards,

Ignacio Ortiz de Zúñiga
Miembro del equipo de Xailer