Xailer 8.1 – Support of High DPI Desktop Application Development

Xailer 8.1 includes High DPI support, which allows you to get the maximum resolution out of powerful 4K monitors. To activate it you just have to set the Appliction:lDpiAware property to true at the beginning of your application execution. That is all. What this property really does is that your program recognizes the true resolution of the monitor.

When windows is running on a high-resolution monitor and scaling other than 100% is set, programs receive “adjusted” resolution feedback, not the actual resolution. In the same way, when a program sets certain coordinates in a window, windows readjusts those coordinates according to the value of the scale that it has established. For example, if windows is set to 150% scaling, when a program sets the dimensions of a window to 400×400 pixels, windows resets it to an actual size of 600×600 pixels, including all controls within it. .

This means that we do not have to worry about the scale that Windows has configured, but it has the drawback that the texts and images look blurred. When we set Application:lDpiAware to .T., our program will work with real coordinates, with no adjustments by windows. The images and texts will look perfectly sharp and in their original size, even if this means that they will appear smaller than expected. In these cases, we can use the Application:nScale property to adjust the desired scale without losing the sharpness of images and texts.

More on Xailer 8.1 shortly.

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