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New products

  • Dear Xailer user,

Through our website we sell new products. These are products that in most cases had already been offered directly through our forums and even in nFacebook, but nevertheless, there are some new ones. New third-party products will appear on the websites of Xailer. ūüėČ Stay tuned.

For further information visit this link:

There is also a significant new regarding the xaDbu tool. The price of the tool has risen to 70 euros, but on the other hand, no longer includes any copy protection. Users with a registered version xaDbu can access the unprotected version by paying the difference of 40 euros. These should contact directly with providing a copy of their invoice.


Xailer 4.0.2

Dear Xailer users,

We are proud to announce a new version of Xailer. Bellow is an overview of its features:

  • IDE:
    • Enhancements on controls rearranging
    • SQLite editor: Posibility to show SQLITE native type values with colors
    • User controls: Control de absence of BCC compilar to avoid the creation of a subrpoject for him


  • DataControls
    • TSQLite: SQL parsing error when lDateAsString was false
    • TDatasource: Mew methodsSqlInsert(oRecord, cTable, lOnlyMod) and SqlUpdate(oRecord, cTable, lOnlyMod). Very handy to create SQL sentences through a record obteined with the TDataset:GetRecord() method
    • TDatasource: Minor correction for Datetime types on BuildSQlSt method


  • Controls
    • TCefBrowser: Initialization error


  • Classes
    • TExStruct: New methods GetDefaults and Modified
    • TApplication: Force the application in foreground when ::lSingleInstance = .T.


  • Fast-Report
    • TFastReport: longlong support on fields and variables
    • TFastReport: CallHbFunc call error
    • TFastReport: Better numeric treatment on arrays when no structure is defined


[Xailer team]

Xailer 4.0.1

Dear Xailer users,

We are proud to announce a new version of Xailer. Bellow is an overview of its features:

  • IDE:
    • TTreeView: Bug when saving treeviewitems on .xfm
    • User controls: Better error messages
    • SQLite editor: Persistence of records to show by page
    • Include of library¬†iphlpapi¬†on MinGw configuration


  • DataControls
    • TSQLite: Change type on CreateTable() from “M” instead of “MEMO” to “MEMOTEXT”
    • TWebDataSource: Error on primary key retrieve
    • TDbfdataset: lAutoSeek support
    • TDataSource: New event OnExecute( oSender, cSql )


  • Controls
    • TLabelEx: Bug on link position
    • TOcx: Pass VT_DISPATCH parameters on events as TOleAuto objects
    • TOcx: Bug with empty dates¬ļ
    • TLabelEx: Got focus error
    • TRichedit: New propierties lRE70, lRE80 and nUlineColor
    • TCombobox: Focus error
    • TDateEdit: mouse wheel support for days, months and years
    • TPicture: Memory leak with gdi+


  • Classes
    • TApplication: Improvement of lSingleInstance so it activates the existed instance


  • Fast-Report
    • TFastReport: Error on LOADIMAGEFROMHBVAR function call
    • TFastReport: Minor corretion for BLOB TYPES due a change on latest Harbour

We remind you that to use this new version you must have an active subscription of Xailer since it requires a new registry process on all your installations.  All the active subscription users should already received an Email with the new registry information. In any case you can reactivate your installation with the menu option Help-Register the product.

In case you do not have an active subscription you can only use Xailer 4 on DEMO so you should install it on a different directory.


[Xailer team]

Xailer 4 released

Dear Xailer user,

We are pleased to release a new version of Xailer. This time the number 4. We are especially proud of this new version that incorporates major improvements that we hope you like it. I list the most important:

  • Harbour updated to latest version.
  • MinGW updated to latest version 4.9.
  • Visual SQL query builder.
  • Internationalization support through plugin. (source code included)
  • Scintilla updated to version 3.5.4.
  • Support of #DEFINES in Intellisense.
  • Better tooltip management in Intellisense.
  • Added more than 700 Harbour functions to Intellisense.
  • Coincident words hilite on editor.
  • Brand new SQLite editor with new capabilities: Masive DBF import, export to MySql/MariaDB and visual query builder.
  • MariaDB client libraries updtated to 2.0
  • SQLite updated to
  • Scanners support
  • New clas TImageEditor to edit images
  • Great enhancements on TLabelEx, supporting more tags.
  • Increase of speed and transaction support of TWebDataSource
  • Fast-Report for Xailer updated to latest FR VCL 4 version.
  • Improvements on Fast-Report: Calculated fields, use of empty arrays, selection of fields to export on datasets.

You can download this new version from the following link:

As already commented, this new version of Xailer requires new Harbour & MinGW binaries that you can also download from the following link:

Notice how in this same page also have access to binaries Harbour Xailer 3 and earlier.

Although not strictly necessary, but due to changing compilers, we recommend that completely reconstruct all your projects, including own libraries that you may use.

If you want to keep both facilities Xailer Xailer 3 and 4 on the same machine that is no problem. Only you will have to install Xailer 4 in another directory, eg c: \ xailer4. New Harbour binaries can also be installed in a directory within Xailer 4, for example: c: \ xailer4 \ hb32. In any case, you should update the parameters of directories in the option Tools-> General Options menu. This way you can get both versions of Xailer coexist without problems.

When two versions of Xailer are maintained, it is very important to set the directory section Tools-> General Options at both environments.

To use Xailer 4 is necessary to have an active subscription, which can be checked from the option Help-> Registration Information menu. Otherwise you can only use it in DEMO mode whose only limitation is that executables are not autonomous and must be launched from the IDE itself.

We remind you that only owners of Xailer 3 can access to this update. Users of previous versions must purchase the full product and may not qualify for any upgrade offer.

Best regards, 

[Xailer team]

Xailer IDE: Improving its visibility

Dear Xailer user,

This time I just want to share with you simple ways to improve the Xailer IDE that I personally use and I hope it can be of useful for you too.

By default, the source IDE editor uses a non-proportional font named ‘Courier’ that surely we already know. Along with the ‘FixedSys’ font, has been in Windows since its beginning. I decided to change that default font with a prettier one (my point of view) and this is my choice:

That you can download from the following link:

Surely some of you already are using a different font in Xailer. If that is the case, please share that information commenting this article. TIA.

Best regards,

User controls

Dear Xailer users,

The next Xailer release will include a new functionality that we hope can be very useful to all of, which is the automatic creation of user controls.

At present Xailer already permits the creation of user controls that can be used on the IDE and your end user applications. In fact, the project \Samples\Controls\Samples.xpj is a clear example of that feature. That sample creates all the controls that can be found on the ‘Samples‘ toolbar tab. To use it you only need to include on your projects the library \Xailer\lib\Samples. However, few users have tried to create their own controls, surely due the conviction that is a complicated and tedious process.
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New Xailer version 3.2.0 and xEdit 3.2.0

Dear Xailer user,

We are proud to announce a new version of Xailer with a lot of new features. highlighting the following:

  • Upgrade to Harbour & MinGW (4.8.1) latest version
  • Fast-Report preview on Xailer forms

You can see the complete list on the following link.

Due important changes on both compilers: Harbour and MinGW its necessary to completely recompile all your projects including any third o personal library.

The upgrade to Xailer 3.2.0 is free to all the Xailer registered users with an active subscription. You may download the new version from our download area. You will also need the latest version of harbour & MinGw that is also on our download area with the name harbour32setup2.exe.

We have also upgrade our free xBase project manager xEdit to version 3.2.0.

Best regards,

[Xailer team]

Blog access


The upgrade of our blog has induced the lost of all the registered users and we apologize for that. In order to facilitate the registration process now we support some ‘social’ login access:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • LinkedIn
  • Windows live

We encourage you to log-in again and thank you in advance for any comment you may post to any of the articles published.

Best regards,